Focused For Designers

Style your contents using our style sheet, layout. css and template.css. Control overall website structure using template stylesheet and enhance overall look and feel of the site using layout stylesheet

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Focused For Developers

Save a significant amount of time building a website by using SageFrame web development framework. It enables the rapid design, development and deployment of dynamics site.

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Focused For Seo

In order to facilitate rapid web application development, SageFrame comes with an easy set up procedure, user friendly layout and an attractive interface. 

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Get Started With Sageframe

Get StartedTo get access to the Sageframe web content management, you should be a registered user. If you are new to sageframe, create a user account by filling up the basic user information form. After this you will get an email from sageframe team confirming your registration, now User can anytime login to their sageframe account by entering their username and password. Super user account is at the top level. Super account user has the authority to access and control the administrator account and user account.

After registering as a user,you can easily implement your own ideas. You can build your own custom modules  as per your requirements. You are also allowed to comment and reply to others through Blog and Forum. You can also contribute to the Sageframe Community by developing your own  module and posting.

Download Sageframe

In order to help you successfully install and run SageFrame web application Framework, we have supported SageFrame with vast amount of resources. 

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ASP.NET CMS SageFrame at Glance

Create a dynamic, user friendly and secured website with no knowledge of html. Learn how the CMS can help you develop your website rapidly with less code.

Discover SageFrame and find out how it enables you to quickly build and deploy highly featured, interactive websites and  in Microsoft environments..

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Key Features for version 2.0

  • Module management and module creation
  • Multiple sites can be managed through a single hosting account
  • Features of localization support multiple sites
  • Can also work with template management and upload your own templates
  • Provides SEO and dynamism
  • Features of localization support multiple sites

Why Use SageFrame?

After Developing many Web Applications, developers realize that everytime they start writing a web application, there are some basic codes that they need to write repetitively. Consistently,they have to set the database connection classes for the database access layer. Then they have to deal with so many basic issues like Access Control Lists, authentications and authorizations, session handlings. Since they have to deal with so many issues and with deadline in their hands, they cannot be sure that the structure of the code is secure and lightweight enough to run.


I strongly recommend sageframe 2.0 if you are looking for .NET CMS. It has most of the features you need.

David walse, Designer

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